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Betalbatim Beach in Goa

Betalbatim Beach in Goa

Betalbatim beach situated in Goa at a distance of just 2km to the north of Colva is a beautiful beach with vast stretches of gold coloured sands. Betalbatim is known to be among the best beaches in Goa and it offers seclusion and serenity to many. In this beach, you can relax well with the sounds of swaying palm trees and the Arabian Sea’s gleaming waters.

You can observe plenty of dolphins here and generally there are many local fisher people who take you on dolphin trips. For those who need a truly relaxing and peaceful place to have fun in their holiday in Goa, Betalbatim is a must visit. Betalbatim Beach is very clean and nice and you can enjoy yourself in the water till it gets dark.

This is a nice beach for you to relax due to the fewer crowds and the shore is totally free from business activities. Similar to most of the beaches of south Goa, this beach is serene and calm. The best visiting time is after September and this beach is ideal for you to spend some quiet time with your family and friends.

The waters are clean and the sand on the shore is quite hard but very clean. Betalbatim beach is much quieter than most of the beaches of North Goa and also easily accessible from almost every place. This beautiful beach stretches between Gonsua / Betalbatim beach and beach Colva.

Highlights of the Beach

Betalbatim Beach in Goa

Betalbatim beach is a very lovely and natural beach with its wide range of casuarina trees elevated on the sandy shore. This beach is frequently visited by local people during the weekends but other than that, it is quiet. Since the Betalbatim beach is secluded and not crowded like most other beaches of Goa, it is an enjoyable place.

It is a perfect spot for relaxation and a great place to spend time in the evenings with your loved ones. Among the few crowds visiting the beach, most are young people and also a lot of British and Russian tourists. The cool weather, calm waters, and fantastic sunset views with no heavy crowds make this one among the best Goa beaches.

The vast stretch of cream sand and the tranquility of the beach give you the feeling that it is your private and own beach. It is perfect for you to laze around undisturbed as there is no booming music from bars, but just the soothing sounds of birds and mild sounds from the sea.

You can take long walks in the evenings as it is somewhat hot in the mornings, spend some personal time and gaze at the fabulous sunset views. In this peaceful beach, there are barely any tourists. When you enter the beach, you can see the sand having a unique texture, grainy and with many different colours.

This beach is patrolled, quite clean, secluded a much better than the nearby Colva beach which is too crowded. This beach cannot be found on usual route maps, but you can reach it by enquiring with the local folk. There are many water sports available here and these water sports facilities are better than Covallesum or Colva.

The waters are clean and you can see tourists from Coconut Groove, Villagio Inn, Nanus resort as well as some other resorts present nearby visiting the beach. However, it is not usual for you to find buses with loads of tourists. This fantastic, unpopulated and serene beach is also a good shopping spot as you would come across kashmiri people selling you different items like handicrafts.

Betalbatim beach is also called Sunset beach for the lovely sunset views it offers and it is also a wonderful place to be alone with the calm sea. You would get a chance to be one with nature and enjoy your solitude just by listening to the waves and collecting shells from the shore.

The large stretch of silver sands and the pine trees swaying in the breeze seem to greet you warmly when you enter the beach area. There are a few shops and shacks here, just so much as you need and the beach is very well-maintained. Betalbatim is a pleasant and clean beach and it is not too deep to swim. It is thus safe to take a swim in the beach waters and enjoy with your friends or family.

Since the Betalbatim beach is a secluded one, many of the beach activities take place on Colva, a nearby beach, at a walk able distance of only 5 minutes. The beautiful sea, soft sand and the shacks here make it a just the right place to spend your evening time. You will only find a few foreign tourists and locals in the beach and not large crowds.

Shacks near the Beach

The Betalbatim beach has quite a good number of shacks which serve food and beverage and these shacks are generally visited by the guests who stay at the hotels in Betalbatim.

Jimson's Restaurant & Bar

Jimson's Restaurant & Bar is a small-sized, comfortable and pure restaurant located in the Betalbatim village. It provides very tasty food and the collection of dishes is very impressive with moderate prices.

Martins Corner

Martins Corner is known to be among the best of all the restaurants in the area. The specialties are Goa as well as Chinese cuisine which please the visitors by providing large varieties of delicious seafood such as tiger prawns, red snaper, big pomfret, and fresh lobster and so on. Prices in this restaurant are beyond average but the service and food are of very high quality.


This restaurant is situated in the midst of a rustic garden and the service people are extremely friendly. The cuisine here contains a good variety of dishes of local, Asian and International cuisines. Tourists who visit the restaurant are recommended to try out their shrimps, chicken, rice and lamb.


For accommodation, you can find plenty of guest houses and beach resorts in Betalbatim. There are a good range of hotels serving tasty Goa dishes and beverages.

Beleza By The Beach

All 30 rooms in this resort are built with luxurious and stylish design and they are completely furnished with natural colour tones, wooden textures, marble flooring and well lit with many windows to open and get calming fresh sea breeze.

Bollywood Sea Queen Beach Resort

Bollywood Sea Queen Beach Resort is located on the Colva beach and this resort contains normal rooms, suites as well as super deluxe ones. All the rooms have been carefully planned and also aesthetically furnished and designed.

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