Benaulim Beach in Goa

Benaulim, a beach town in Goa state, is located to the south of the town of Margao. It is known to be a town with enormous natural beauty and it is situated along the picturesque coastline of South Goa. There is a popular legend that Parashurama who is Vishnu’s incarnation, during arrow shooting shot one arrow from the mountains of Sahyadri adjacent to Konkan. This arrow which is called Baan in the Sanskrit language fell at the area where the present-day Benaulim town is located. So, this town was also known as Banavalli or Banahalli (which means ‘the village of the arrow’) prior to the Portuguese advent.

About Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach in Goa

Situated in this town is the famous Benaulim beach which is at a distance of 41km from Panaji the capital and at a distance of 2km from Colva, Goa’s longest beach.  This beach with its vast stretch of silvery sand is great for sun lovers.

The waters are clear, the crowds are few and there are quite a number of water sports here marking its distinct identity. This is a marvelous beach where you can relax, sit and play with your family and there are many water sports facilities available here. The interesting activities here are speed boat, Para gliding, buffalo ride and Dolphin ride which are provided at reasonable rates. There are also a good range of restaurants on the beach at its both sides.

The warmth and sunshine here and the clear blue waters are attractive features of this beach. The beach is regularly cleaned and maintained well and has very less tourists visiting it. You can take leisurely walks along the beach during evening times or choose to indulge in the adventurous water sports activities available.

Highlights of the Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach in Goa

This place is very special for Christian people since it is the place where the revered Father Joseph Vaz was born. So Benaulim is popular to be among the beaches that have a series of mythology linked with it. This laid back and beautiful expanse of beach has its various water sports as well as dolphin watching trips as specialties.

Benaulim beach is not as crowded as most other beaches of Goa and the atmosphere is serene and apt for sunset photographs. This is a great place left alone from the exasperating crowd but the rates for water sports are more than in other beaches.

This is an amazing place to relax and unwind, so if you want to go to a place which is totally untouched and very close to the beauty of nature, then Benaulim beach is the right spot. You will not be able to find much wild parties in this beach and so the ambience is good for quiet time.

There are a few eat-out spots like Ice Cube and Rogers which provide good varieties of food at moderate prices. It is highly recommended to visit this beach at early mornings before 11am after which the sun heats up and after 5pm up to sun set.

Due to its peaceful atmosphere, this beach is perfect for a holiday visit and it is also ideal for relaxation. Unlike most other beaches in North Goa, the Benaulim beach is somewhat non-spoilt till the present day. This beach is perfect for early morning swims and for splendid sun set views at evening times.

Different from the crowded beaches in Goa such as Baga, this beach is secluded and you can just enjoy lazing around and sun-bathing the whole day. This beach and its environment give you the great satisfaction and pleasure of staying in Goa.

This beautiful beach in South Goa has every activity characteristic of beaches, like beach shacks, water sports, and so on. The fewer crowds and the scenes around this beach make it a lovely place for you to enjoy with family or friends.

Church of St. John the Baptist

Church of John the Baptist

Adding to the beauty of this beach is the famous Church of St John the Baptist nearby located on top of a hill and away from the Benaulim village. The church is typically an example of Goa architecture and its interiors are built using unstained marble from Italy.

People celebrate the famous Feast of St John here during the time of monsoon for thanksgiving. During this feast, young men have the habit of wearing crowns made of leaves and also tour the whole area giving gifts.

Shacks and Food Joints Near Benaulim Beach

There are good quality shacks on the beach but they are limited in number since the beach is quite unexplored. However, you would be able to find a decent range of places to eat as well as stay nearby. The shacks nearby offer you drinks and snacks when and as you prefer and the best thing is that you don't have to get up from your relaxing spot.

You can stay in the comfort zone as there are many assistants roaming around and you can very well place your orders through them. They are ready and available to serve your food or beverage right to you, to the place where you sit and relax.

The only attractions on this beach are three popular eat-out joints in the whole of South Goa that is, Firefly, Joncy's and Pedro's. The Castellos Beach shack is excellent as it provides outstanding food. Manos is another good shack and a perfect host as all the members of the restaurant are polite, kind and very attentive to the customers.

Roger restaurant is another restaurant specializing in candle light and beach view dinner. This is not a very expensive restaurant and the food is good. Firefly Bistro is another famous restaurant which is at just a small distance from the beach entrance and it is a nice place to enjoy your day with some excellent food, real live entertainment, super hospitality and wonderful drinks.

Accommodation Options near Benaulim Beach

Taj Exotica

This hotel is exactly on the Benaulim beach and so it is an extremely enjoyable place of stay. You would also enjoy the hotel grounds, full of palms and flowers everywhere, the gorgeous pool, as well as the reception and restaurants. The staffs here are very friendly and helpful and an appreciative fact is that the hotel works along with the Earth Check organization and strives for socially and environmentally responsible hotel management practices.

Royal Benaulim

Royal Benaulim hotel provides almost everything needed practically for children, youngsters & aged people to spend their time enjoying different activities or to sit back and relax. The location of the hotel is perfect as it is on the beach and also connected well to other places, even though it is a secluded area. The rooms are all faced in a way that every room shares the splendid view equally.
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