Betul Beach Near Margao

Betul village is a little coastal village located in the region of South Goa, Salcete Taluk and at a distance of 24 km away from Margao city.  This is a beautiful place as well as a fishery port, to which ocean-going trawlers and fishing boats bring their catch.

The major occupation of the residents of the village is fishing. This village consists mostly of cabins and huts with not many separate cottages and houses found here and the area is about only 60 units. The people here live amicably and in the evenings, women and their children gather together and have long chats, play games as well as have fun.

Betul village is situated in the southern direction of Mobor Beach, to the opposite of the Sal River, and exactly at the delta. This river splits the Mobor beach from Betul village which is an exceptionally beautiful and a very interesting place. This place is suitable for the people who love nature and who long for solitude and for a deep connection with the beauty of nature. The cool and pleasant ocean breeze makes sure that the temperature is pleasant the whole year through.

Betul Beach

Betul Beach in Goa

Betul Beach is a relatively small and secluded beach when compared to the Mobor beach and it occupies the east coast of Sal River. This beach is tucked away in the cool shadow of the various coconut palms and fruit trees casting a spell on the tourists with its silvery soft sand. The beach contains a small pond and river flowing into the sea. This is a good beach offering great sunset views for you to enjoy.

This is quite a lonely and secluded beach and you can trek down in order to arrive at the beach. This beach is easily reachable and a slightly slanted field road leads to it. Mobor, Covelssom and Betul are adjacent beaches and they are all superb, neat and calm beaches. The location of the Betul beach is brilliant and ideal for families who look for a swift getaway from hustling city life.

The Betul beach is a lovely, beautiful and an untouched beach and the incredible sunset views make you enjoy fully with your family. This place is totally unblemished and you would be able to actually watch many fisher folk and their families as well as observe their unassuming and peaceful lifestyle.

There are not many places for you to eat and so you can take some picnic food with you and also enjoy the nice ambience. The Betul beach is absolutely litter-free and peaceful with less people and also a perfect place where you can enjoy walking in the early mornings. The warm waters and the soothing breeze make this beach and its atmosphere enjoyable.

Betul Beach in Goa

Generally, this beach is very safe to go swimming, also for kids, as there are many life guards here making the tourists feel secure. There are plenty of activities here on Betul beach such as snorkeling, parasailing, and jet skiing, and so on, for the pleasure of its visitors.

Like Mobor, the Betul beach is also shallow and even if you go up to a hundred feet inside, you get water till your shoulder level only. The advantage here when compared to other beaches is that this beach has more interesting water due to the river. The water dynamics are very different at that point where the river meets the sea and it gives you a totally erratic swimming experience.

In Mobor beach, you would be able to calculate when it is probable that the subsequent high wave would strike, but in Betul beach, you can't. For about ten minutes, the water would be as gentle as a swimming pool and then suddenly, from nowhere, three to four fifteen-footers would hit you in succession! Then, as though nothing happened, the water would become calm again!

The Betul beach is practically deserted with the exemption of some local people and then there are stray dogs. A caution for you is that these stray dogs could nose through your things when you go out on a swim, so it would be a good idea for you to drop your belongings in Bamboo shack and not on the beach sand.

Shacks near the Beach

The Blue Whale Shack is a modest shack near the Betul beach and the owners are friendly. They make the finest Rechado ever found and the food here is very reasonably priced. Alex's Place is another good shack on this beach and it is famous for its perfectly cooked seafood dinner or lunch which the visitors love.

Alex’s Place has umbrellas and chairs for free, but there is the obvious agreement that you can use them only if you order something while using them. The staffs also take care of your belongings while you are away playing or swimming in the beach water. Bamboo Shack is another excellent beach shack serving a wide variety of wonderful sea food all through the day.

Places of Accommodation in Betul Beach

Betul Beach in Goa

The Mobor Resort gives breathtakingly beautiful, unforgettable and amazing views of the Betul beach, a visual delight for everyone who stay here. Another popular resort nearby is the Betul resort with various restaurants and also different levels of accommodation.

Bamboo House Goa Hotel is another good hotel known for its popular The Blue Whale restaurant, considered by tourists to provide tasty cuisine and great seafood varieties. The largest and most delicious mussels in the whole area are available here.

Some other comfortable and nice hotel complexes found near the Betul beach are Seagull Resort, Betul Beach Resort and Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort 5. Some local people also deliver houses for rent. This option would perfectly suit the tourists who desire to explore the lifestyle and culture of the local citizens.

However, majority of tourists choose to live in either Mobor Beach or Cavelossim Beach resorts or hotels and move to Betul to search for new impressions. You can get to this gorgeous Betul beach by motor boat or on the Cavelossim – Assolna ferry.

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